One of Those Days

The kitchen’s a clutter of breakfast and lunch dishes, and jars of ground clove, sugar, and nutmeg left out from S whipping up gingersnap dough which she didn’t have time to bake. Upstairs is half-cleaned, the vacuum still uncoiled in the middle of the bedroom, the shelves in Felix’s nook stripped of bric-a-brac and ready for dusting. But today is one of those days where baby’s on a sleep strike, and as it gets later, he’s become increasingly fussy and needy, and it seems the little guy’s addicted to bouncing.

That’s not to say we’ve been ALL about him all day long. We did manage to get him to settle for an hour long nap in the morning and afternoon, and (fingers crossed) I might actually be able to complete this blog post if the little guy remains asleep for an evening snooze. And he hasn’t been in a pissy mood the whole time either. We had a lovely family sojourn to the park, and shared lots of great moments of both quiet alert and active playfulness. It’s just that when the little guy wakes up at five-thirty in the morning and then refuses to snooze throughout the day, our perceptions becomes warped and twisted. We feel stuck in sleepy mommy-daddy zone, bouncing between chores and baby duty, trying to squeeze in time for a personal email, or journaling, or a moment of grown-up ME time.

These days are always exhausting, but feel more so after a weekend visiting grandma, where a third hand, plenty of sleep inducing car rides, and a dinner out had us spoiled. (As if we don’t already have it good with two of us at home. How do single parents do it??)

Oh man–the little king has awoken. At least my arms are getting toned from carrying him around so much!


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