Felicidades Felix

We have a beautiful, healthy baby boy! Right now baby Felix is sleeping on the bed next to his mother, who’s reading and finishing up a leisurely breakfast. After a harrowing first week of life, seeing him home still leaves me feeling light and warm and cheesy. (I sound like a soufflé.) I was terribly wound up while he was in intensive care.

Of course, having a baby at home is still scary at times, like when the responsibility of his care looms huge, or when we can’t figure out why he’s crying or how to calm him down, or when we’re both tired and grumpy and want a full night’s sleep without interruption every two hours or so. But for the most part, an incredible sense of relief and warmth permeates our household these days.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be writing more in-depth about the travails of Felix’s birth. I’ll also continue plotting the ups and downs of the fourth trimester—the first three months of the baby’s life—as S and I adjust to our new roles, and as Felix completes his development from an infant to a baby who is able to react to the outside world. But I wanted to start this new spate of posts with his birth announcement, and his picture, because I’m so proud of him, and happy, and sometimes am so full of love for the little guy I can’t keep a stupid big grin from spreading across my face. Please keep in mind that no matter how much I might bitch, or how awful some of the details about his birth are, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to hold him in my arms, and see him with his beautiful mother.


2 Responses to “Felicidades Felix”

  1. 2 Aimee June 7, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    hooray, hooray! so glad he is healthy and well and home.

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