Evasive Action!

My friend C said that she imagines the midwives “standing around in a cluster, with long flowing grey hair and purple robes and gnarled canes.” That’s not the case at all! Except for one–who’s more like a wise, old grandmother–they’re young and hip. Still, they did recommend some old school methods of kick-starting labor:

  • Plenty of walks and activity
    Spicy food
  • They also recommended hot baths to relieve the pelvic pain, which is being caused by a loosening of S’s ligaments.

    So after an hour plus of garden work, S took a long bath. And I’m off to pick up some Indian food, which we will gorge ourselves on before making passionate though not terribly athletic love. If nothing changes by Sunday, and if no other moms have gone into labor, than S may take Castor Oil. That’ll cause diarrhea (as will the Indian food) and get that baby moving. (We hope!)

    Part of our urgency stems from S’s discomfort. Also, if she reaches week 41 then we risk out of the birthing center. If all’s still quiet by next Wednesday, then the midwives will gather round their cauldron and stimulate S’s membranes–ancient magic from the pagan days! Seriously, I have no idea yet what that means.


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