Thanks, But No Thanks, Park Slope Parents

The Park Slope Parents listserv is planning on charging a fee for their services. This is the listserv that led me to the moldy Pack n’Play and also the mom who, after some hardcore haggling over a dozen used bottles, hosed me by claiming she didn’t have any change on her (meaning she’d just take the full forty dollars, thank you very much, or I wasn’t getting the goods).

They aren’t charging a lot — 25$ a year — but seeing as the vibe is less “let me help out neighborhood parents by handing down my free stuff” and more “how much can I sucker some ignorant sap who doesn’t know the difference between a Boppy and Bugaboo into paying for this?” I’m not planning on signing on.

Of course, someone’s already started a splinter listserv with no fee, but I want out of the whole black market altogether. All the good stuff is given away to family and friends by word-of-mouth anyway. And fortunately, we’ve got plenty of generous friends who have been happy to help us out!

In other neighborhood news, check out the picture Gawker posted along with this story. This is why we take pains saying we live in Prospect Heights, and not the Slope. (Thanks Adam for the heads up!)

No, you do not see this everyday in Park Slope.  But you do see it.

Isn't there a law against this kind of thing?


1 Response to “Thanks, But No Thanks, Park Slope Parents”

  1. 1 KMB April 15, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    It isn’t everyone who lives in Park Slope who gives it a bad name!

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