Reality Kicks

Early this morning, lingering in bed, S lay with her belly pressed against my back. I felt the baby kicking several times.

The sensation is so strong and the shape of the foot clearly defined, it doesn’t take much imagination to picture him in there, slowly outgrowing his home. The curve of his butt is often a visible bulge in S’s abdomen. You can wrap the palm of your hand around it and get a gross sense of what it might be like to hold him.

His movements often surprise S, and sometimes make her uncomfortable, especially when he uses her bladder as a punching bag. Big stretches bring him into contact with new parts of her, so she’s able to tell where his legs and arms end. He’s definitely a little person in there! Something both amazing and kind of creepy.

She’s at week thirty-three today. Five more weeks until he’s viable out of the womb, seven till the official due date.


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