Musical Musings

Early labor could take minutes (hopefully) or hours (more likely). Either way, S’s going to need something to distract her from the waves of non-progressing contractions and all the nervous excitement (or paralyzing fear) she’ll be feeling. Seeing as she might not be able to concentrate on reading and playing games makes us competitive and antagonistic, I’m making her some mixes to listen to.

There’ll be a nice gentle playlist, something instrumental and jazzy so she can space out, and a relaxing female vocalist mix to hold her tummy to, and also something harder and pulsing that’ll get her ass shaking and encourage her to push that baby out! I’m thinking of some smooth Dr. Dre G-funk, or maybe Biggie’s Hypnotize, on which his “uhhs!” sound like birth groans.

I’ve also started a baby’s first mix, for when we come home. I’m not talking about “I’m a Little Teapot” (as much as I love that one) or, God forbid, “Wheels on the Bus.” Nor do I dig Dan Zanes’ hipster dufus alterna-family stuff. I think we have plenty of kid-friendly grown up music in the house, songs with bouncy beats and strong melodies. Good pop.

Ok, sure, kid-friendly music has its place. I grooved to Mickey’s Mousersize album, popping my collar and striking John Travolta moves to “Disco Duck.” But my strongest musical memories are listening to my mom’s Beatles albums on a Saturday morning, or the winter nights when my dad exercised to Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson, and Hall & Oates. I still remember the words to a lot of those songs, though at the time, I took the lyrics to “Maneater” and “Maniac on the Floor” literally, and some of the experimental sounds on Magical Mystery Tour sounded like R2D2 getting tortured.

I’m not worried about listening to music with our baby. The conundrum comes when our kid can understand the lyrics. I can hear his kindergarten teacher now: “This morning your son asked for gin with his juice. Then when we ran out of cookies at snack time, he started chanting ‘it ain’t no fun less my homies get some.’ Where is he getting this from?”

What do I say – he learned it by listening to my cds, alright? He learned it by listening to my cds!

Music, sometimes misogynist, often laced with drug references, and frequently full of four letter words, accompanies me throughout the day, whether cooking, cleaning, or taking a shower. Will I have to censor my choices? And what will he think of NPR??

Man, having a baby changes even the little things. Sometimes growing up sucks, forsizzle.


1 Response to “Musical Musings”

  1. 1 KMB February 25, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    My kids called it Money on the Bus when we were en route to the China Institute. Hilarious. It makes no sense – clearly!

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