The Final Three

Each of our books marks the third trimester at a different week, some as early as week 26, some as late as 29. The way time is tracked in pregnancy has always confused me, and I’ve decided to stop trying to figure it out. The calendaring and the math don’t matter, because I’m calling it: the state of the pregnancy has changed, and the third trimester has begun.

As the baby gets bigger, S is carrying her weight lower and lower. In the words of one acquaintance it looks like she’s swallowed a basketball. Her belly’s protruding so much it almost looks fake, stuck on like a prosthetic pregnancy. (I’m thinking specifically of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s in Arrested Development.) And it doesn’t feel comfortable – there’ve been lots of muscle pains.

The little guy’s becoming much more of a visible, audible, real presence. I wrote before about how I hear him when I put my ear on her, but now I don’t even have to do that. I can see him in there. S’s stomach jiggles when he moves around and sometimes the bulge of a butt juts out when he settles down. He’s on-the-go often, and once even woke S up in the middle of the night. Another time she poked at him and felt him move from one side of her uterus to the other! He’s becoming more Alien-like every week, though apparently this is a stage. Soon he’ll be too big to slide around, and will (hopefully) achieve a birth-ready head down position.

And there’s been changes us in too — our attitudes have shifted. Our concerns about the birth have suddenly become more immediate, and we’re thinking a lot about what happens afterward. On Saturday, we even went to Babies R Us to test drive strollers! (I had some issues with product overload, and afterward needed a cupcake to re-power.) We’re anxious to get this show on the road.

So I’m calling it. The third trimester has officially begun!

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