A World of Pain!

Last week I was prescribed a steroid to bring my sinus inflammation down. As my nose dried out, I’d hear these little dolphin-like clicking noises emanating from my head’s nooks and crannies, as pressure released. The thing was, these sinus shifts brought on intense headaches for most of the day, hence my hiatus from posting.

In general we’ve been talking a lot about pain around here. Yesterday, the baby was dancing on S’s bladder, and, in her words, scratching her inside with his fingernails. Yikes! And more pain’s only on the way. S compared the birth to a “ship in a bottle problem.” We got him in there – all two pounds and growing – now how do we get him out? She sees pictures of newborns and doesn’t believe something that big could come out of her. That makes two of us.

Our midwives suggested we learn something called The Bradley Method. A book is on the way to enlighten us. All I know is it involves a lot of coaching on my part, so there goes my plan to hide in the bar during the birth. We were also told to take a class, but most of them are expensive and meet for several hours over the course of eight weeks, which neither of us have the inclination for. Besides, though most books rave about classes, we haven’t found anyone who actually thought they were that necessary.

So we decided just to take a one-shot afternoon seminar, taught by a yoga teacher we’ve both had before (and liked), about using yogic techniques during labor. Besides doing a lot of omming, S’ll learn about postures she can take to ease the pain of contractions and facilitate the birth, while I’ll learn how to hold and physically support her, and also spots to massage and rub.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky with a short labor and a baby that just slides right out. Ha! Though S had a dream about that last night. Well, one can always dream, and hope…


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