Looking Back

I ran into a friend on the subway the other day, and he asked how S was doing. I told him about how she’s “popped out” and how when the baby moves he causes her stomach to jiggle. If I put an ear up to her I can hear him in there thumping around, and I swear I even pick up a heartbeat every now and then.

He said, “That’s crazy man, that she’s so far along. It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the news.”

It’s true time has flown by, but my friend and I both clearly remembered celebrating that night. And I realized then how many moments I’ll remember from this past year.

Last February 12th, S and I walked downtown through a gentle snowfall to Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The snowflakes were so big I could see their crystalline structure when they landed on the sleeve of my coat. Downtown was muted and empty, but the City Clerk’s Office was crowded and overheated – today’s the last day you can get a marriage license to use on Valentine’s Day. We were asked a few times if we planned on coming back on the 14th, because after the ceremony we could our picture taken with the Borough President, but we didn’t have a plan for when exactly we would tie the knot.

Even getting the marriage license was a spur of the moment decision. S woke me up that morning and said, “Come on, today’s the day we get this ball rolling.” She held out the treat of Jacques Torres hot chocolates as a motivation to get me out of the house. (I like looking at snow, but not walking in it – I don’t have good snow boots for that reason.) With our license secured in her jacket pocket, we sipped chocolate and watched snow fall on the Manhattan Bridge, before trudging and (on my part) sliding our way back home.

It was a beautiful day. More so even in retrospect, because we had no idea that it would be the start to a year of changes, with more soon to come.


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