Sleep Notes

We’re grateful that, for the most part – knock on wood – the baby’s energy level match our own.

He wiggles around when S is happy and full of food (two states which seem directly connected), and stirs when there’s loud noises, like me reading this post out loud right now. More importantly, he sleeps on our schedule, which is unusual – our books say that most fetuses are active at night. Every morning before the alarm goes off and after the cat has woken us up for his breakfast, S and I lay entwined together, coming in and out of sleep as the room lightens. Some mornings, like today, I’ve felt the baby moving around inside of her, maybe stretching as he wakes up.

I’m glad he doesn’t bother her at night, as she’s having enough trouble as it is. She’s reached the stage in the pregnancy where she can’t sleep very long on her back, so spends most of the night on her side, using all the pillows in the house except mine to prop herself into a comfortable position. We’re hoping that this sleep pattern continues throughout the pregnancy, and, hope of hopes, into infancy.

As for me, I’ve resolved to help S get to sleep by giving her a little back rub each night. It’s the least I can do, especially since my son’s being so considerate.


2 Responses to “Sleep Notes”

  1. 1 Aimee February 4, 2009 at 12:09 am

    i had the weirdest dream about you and s and the baby. you were having some kind of soiree and i came over and s asked what kind of red wine i wanted and was all tired and also drinking and i was so confused b/c you don’t drink while preggers! there were also bunk beds and lots of random people there. have no idea what it was all about.

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