Are We There Yet?

On Sunday morning S turned to the baby growth calendar (it tells us what’s happening in there) and realized she hadn’t looked at it in a couple of weeks, and I couldn’t remember the last time I flipped it open. During our first trimester we got a thrill every weekend finding out about the baby’s changes, but since the twenty week ultrasound, things have calmed down on the development front.

Aside from some minor adjustments – last week, for example, he developed fingerprints and was finally able to stick his thumb all the way in his mouth – the baby looks like a smaller version of what he’ll look like when he’s born. For the rest of the pregnancy he’ll bake, growing bigger. About a quarter pound a week bigger.

He’s moved way beyond an invisible presence in S’s tummy. He spent a lot of The Wrestler squirming and kicking, maybe trying some moves of his own. And when I put my mouth up to S’s belly and talk to him, he responds. Twice now I’ve said “punch your mother” in a scary monster voice and he’s followed my instructions to a T. Already we’re bonding.

Our excitement about the baby’s physiological changes has been replaced by an excitement just to have him here. In other words, we’re over this whole pregnancy thing. Last night S wished that she could somehow unzip herself so that we could meet him and play a little, and then stuff him back in when we were ready for dinner. Wouldn’t that be a great way to ease into parenting? (Nature, get on that.)

To add to our impatience, S is suffering from some intense growing pains, as her stomach now pokes way out. She grew so much today that her navel hurts and looks almost bruised – it’s on its way to becoming an outie. Her lower back aches from the added weight, and sciatic pains come on at the end of the day. According to one book, this is just a “hint of the discomfort to come.” There’s still three months to go after all.

We’re nervous and excited, but mostly we’re impatient to get this show on the road!

S's belly at 24 weeks

S's belly at 24 weeks


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