Things Are Shaping Up

Despite our sicknesses, the New Year’s started with a lot of concrete action on the baby front. On Saturday, I took kind of a light-headed trip (damn illness!) to a very crowded Ikea. Note to self that mid-afternoon is not the best time to hit this place. We found a crib to fill the nook where our bookcases used to be, before we moved them downstairs. It converts from an infant crib to a toddler crib, and then into a little kid sized bed, all for about $200, including the mattress – a recession special. I’m figuring we can get a least ten years out of this thing, until the kid’s growth spurt kicks in. Kidding. We also picked up a mesh cylinder thing to hold toys, and dragged up an old set of shelves from the basement. Now there’s not only space for baby, but there’s someplace to put the kid too.

The Baby Nook!

The Baby Nook!

Then on Monday, S went for her twenty week ultrasound. Again, so far, so great. The baby was as feisty as ever, with a strong heartbeat, and it kept turning from the sonar, making it hard for the technician to get a clear shot. I wasn’t able to be there (damn illness!), so, on the advice of our midwife, who we continue to love, the technician printed some shots out and put them in a sealed envelope for S and I to look at together at home. The baby’s got ten fingers and ten toes, the arms and legs look normal, the brain has developed hemispheres, the major organs are in place, and he has an incredibly large penis for a twenty-week old. That’s right: he has a PENIS. Boy, oh boy.
The Penis in Profile

The Penis in Profile

Ok, so there’s no scientific basis to my comment concerning his penis size. I’m just basing that on what I know about his father.


1 Response to “Things Are Shaping Up”

  1. 1 Mom January 8, 2009 at 9:28 am

    I have been clicking on my gmail account and your website hoping for a look at my new Grandson. He is beautiful and so much like his Dad!

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