On Seeing a Newborn

Last night we toured the maternity center at Roosevelt Hospital. In the observation nursery, a nurse was washing a newborn. The baby’s little face was the color of a plum, her eyelids scrunched up like raisins, arms trembling with the force of her cries. She wagged her fists and tried to twist her head away, but was exposed on the table under the fluorescent lights, with nowhere to go and no power to move on her own, at the mercy of the nurse’s big hands. She looked so angry about being born! Who wouldn’t be? Birth, from the baby’s perspective, must be so traumatic.


1 Response to “On Seeing a Newborn”

  1. 1 becca November 11, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    I’m loving this!!!!!! What sweet and honest thoughts you’re sharing here.

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