Things to Come

It seems appropriate on Election Day to think about the future, but as the first trimester comes to a close and the shock of the pregnancy wears off, my wife and I’ve found ourselves frequently daydreaming about next year, when everything will be different.

On Halloween, we avoided the parade and parties to stay home carving a pumpkin and sit out on our stoop, giving candy to trick-or-treaters. We thought about how next year we’ll have a five month old baby, and how we could all dress up as a family to hand out candy, and what we’ll dress the baby up as, and then while we were talking our neighbor walked by with her newborn and we got really excited. Then on Sunday morning we met friends to watch the marathoners run down Fourth Avenue, something we’ve done for years now. Of course the conversation turned to baby talk, about how we would have a stroller next year, and how it would be the baby’s first marathon, and how exciting that would be, especially when the marathoners stop to give little kids high fives.

Tonight we tour the birthing center, and then head home to watch the election results come in, staying focused on the changes happening today, while our minds churn with thoughts of what’s to come.

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