Blood Complications

The blood test results are in, and I tested negative for both cystic fibrosis and whatever that other condition was, the one we didn’t catch the name of.  Great news!

We also found out that we have different Rh factors in our blood.  The Rh factor is the (-) and (+) that follows your blood type.  My wife is among the 15% of the population that has (-)blood.  I’m positive, which means the fetus could be either positive or negative.  If its blood is negative then it matches S’s type, which is fine.  But if it’s positive, then there could be problems.  It is possible that the fetus’s blood could mix with S’s during birth.  If it did, then S’s (-)blood will become sensitized to the fetus’s blood, and build up antibodies against it.  This would be bad if there is ever a second pregnancy.

Hopefully this won’t be a big deal.  S has to have a few injections of a drug called Rhogam to make sure that her blood stays calm and doesn’t freak out if there’s some blood mixing going on.  This is something we’ve never heard of before, another physical factor that we basically ignore but that becomes a big deal during pregnancy.

Most of the information about Rh factors came from here.


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