Pregnancy Is an Inconstant Thing

We’re food people, so it’s been difficult for S. The past couple of days have brought chronic queasiness, and the thought of certain foods, or even food in general, turns her off. But at the same time she’s been snacky. A pregnancy paradox! What’s even stranger is that the feelings come and go. Sunday it was all queasy and headachy all day and throughout the night. Today she woke up feeling fine and well rested. What can a concerned partner do?

Not be a bitch. I take deep breaths when she’s rooting through the kitchen and turning her nose up at everything. I stifle most cracks about the amount of weak tea and toast she’s consuming, which has risen to truly British proportions. I also have resolved to wake up with her in the middle of the night to get her crackers or ginger ale or water, or to walk around with her, or to hold her, though so far that resolution hasn’t been put to the test since last night was a good night. The biggest thing I try to keep in mind is that no matter how disconcerting it is for me to deal with the ebbs and flows of her condition, its nothing compared to what she’s going through, which is something I can’t even fully imagine – pregnancy pushes at the limits of my male imagination. So for as much I try to support her, I also just give her space to sleep and be crabby and deal with it her on own.


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