Varied Reactions

Last night I told my friends at school, “I’m going to be a daddy!” It was great fun. My good friend R wrapped me in a bear hug and couldn’t stop smiling at me all night. Later when I gave him some advice he said, “See, you’re acting all fatherly already.” Though at some point I said something swarthy, and received a “I can’t believe you’re going to be a father.” The funniest response came from A, who said “You’re the third person to break this news to me this week, and it’s only Wednesday.”

Most people react with joy, but S has experienced a few less-than-thrilled responses. People who warned not to get too carried away too early – a don’t count your eggs till they hatch mentality. Others were more concerned with how the pregnancy was going to affect them, not us.

We saw this variety of responses before, to our decision to splurge on a honeymoon, as well as get engaged. Some people can’t get beyond themselves, and have to inject something of their own into the moment, instead of letting you have it. Debbie Downers!


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