Update at Six Weeks

S just went to the OB today. I didn’t go with, because she worried there would be a lot of waiting and we weren’t 100% sure she would actually have much to report, but turns out there’s a lot going on.

S’s six weeks pregnant, which puts her due date around Memorial Day, 2009, and means that conception occurred sometime towards the end of our honeymoon in Spain – turns out those lazy Spanish siestas weren’t quite so lazy. (There had been some lack of surety about exactly how long she’s been pregnant, which I’ll go into elsewhere.) A sonogram detected the embryos’ heartbeat, and she also has a picture to show me. It is about the size of a bean – a garbanzo bean? A black bean? A piece of edamame? I don’t know. It is growing in a fluid filled sack protected behind her pelvic bones, which sounds cozy and safe.

Since we found out last Friday, there’s been a visible change in S’s waistline, but that’s because of bloating, not because of the embryo’s growth. This makes her feel better about moving around – doing yoga, going to dance class, being active in general – and makes me feel less nervous about touching her belly. She likes it when I hold her with my hand on the swell, but I don’t like putting too much pressure on her. It’s pretty amazing (exhausting) that so many changes have happened in such a short amount of time! This time last week she just thought she was feeling chubby and bloated because of PMS. That feels ages away.


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